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Evita Died on My Birthday
July 28, 2005, 2:42 pm
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I know you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Ummm, it’s early-ish in the morning and DOH is supposed to have already put up his next ACL Preview for me to peruse and ignore.’ Well after looking at a calendar and looking at the rest of the list, it wouldn’t match up. So I think that I’m gonna take a break on them. Don’t worry you still got 22 to look forward to and remember that Out the Other is suffering through each and every artist. Check it if you didn’t hear me the first time or you’re unhappy with my decision and would like a new more dedicated quasi-music journalist.

Back to regular ole’ business huh?

Revolution in the Head has just about every Belle & Sebastian cover song I’ve ever been looking for. Many thanks to them.

There’s now a very comprehensive Sufjan fansite in the making over at All Good Naysayers.
Sufjan gives up interviews with Nerve and Salt Lake City Weekly (last one via LargeHearted Boy)

This Xiu Xiu fansite boasts many many live mp3s by the band. There’s also a few live performance videos but I haven’t checked them out to see if they work. Check out the video of “Crank Heart” in Texas at least.

We knew it’d happen some day-this picture on the side be the new Franz Ferdinand single “Do You Want To” cover art

Be sure to check out Domino Records’ Multimedia page to see videos for “I Gave You” by Bonnie “Prince” Billy (I love that song!), Smog’s “I Feel Like the Mother of the World,” and The Kills’ “Love is a Deserter.” I really gotta get my hands on some of their singles…

The Olympian is doing a little preview for Ladyfest Olympia, which will include the Gossip, Spider and the Webs, Metalux, Anna Oxygen, C.O.C.O., Kimya Dawson, King Cobra, Mary Timony, Mirah, Tracy + the Plastics and Shoplifting. Wow.

Yahoo! takes a look at the Montreal scene.

You Ain’t No Picasso makes the world happier with Now That’s What I Call Indie Covers! Volume 1 and the inevitable all-time fave Indie Covers Bonus Songs!

And now, presenting Marriage Records:
Thanksigiving-Before You Died
Viking Moses-Al Jazeera
The Watery Graves-The Glass is Low
Rob Walmart-Waterskiing in Canada
Rob Walmart-France 1915
Drakkar Sauna-very much alone pt. 2: the coke binge
Kid Finish-I Love You So Much
Poison Dart-Broken Hearts, Broken Windows

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nice blog ya got here

Comment by Satisfied '75

nice blog ya got here

Comment by Satisfied '75

many thanks.

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thanks for mentioning us

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