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Young People
September 30, 2005, 5:54 pm
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Young People are a good band that has just signed to Too Pure Records and will be releasing an EP October 25th called Five Sunsets in Four Days. Young People have previously released an album on 5RC, and their last album War Prayers was released on Dim Mak Records. There were three members but one of ’em dropped out. Many thought it was the end of the band but the remaining members Katie and Jarrett are going on. Which is good cuz I loves me some Young People.

Here’s some older mp3’s.
Ne’er Do Well
El Paso
Ron Jeremy

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Katie looks good in that picture…she looks much better with longer hair.

Comment by Matt

just passing through. very good tunes. thanks for the links. a song titled “ron jeremy” = funny.

Comment by c

That’s great news- I was wondering when they were going to release something new. And I agree with Matt- Katie does indeed look very good in that picture.

Comment by Kevin

she purty lookin

Comment by Satisfied '75

she purty lookin

Comment by Satisfied '75

did you name your blog from a belle and sebastian song by any chance? my blog is called judyandherhorse…so was just wondering… x

Comment by judyandherhorse

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