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New Half-Handed Cloud
October 30, 2005, 7:21 pm
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The new Half-Handed Cloud EP, What’s the Remedy? features Sufjan Stevens on various instruments and also was produced by Stevens. It’s a pretty nice effort, very upbeat and happy. The songs are all pretty short, but still well worth it. The EP’s being released on Asthmatic Kitty on 7″ (the first of the medium for the label), which explains the short songs. Fitting five long songs on a 7″ wouldn’t really work too well, would it?

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Here’s a List
Ten Commandment Tombstone

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They’re not just short because of the 7″ constraints… with a few exceptions, all of his songs are short, around 45-90 seconds! He packs more pop genius in those short songs than many folks do on an entire album though…

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