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February 28, 2006, 5:03 pm
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Okay so last night I got up on to Salt Lake City to see me some Matt Pond PA and Dios (Malos). Well, I get to the club, un-Google-ably named Club Sound, and they’re saying Matt Pond has cancelled. That’s a major bummer, but I proceed on, and apparently the venue is 21+. Their unhelpful website didn’t say so and nobody really did. I don’t know. LUCKILY right next door at Club Sound’s conoine twin venue, also difficult to search for online, In the Venue, Low was playing. So I got myself into there to hear what they had.

There was some bluesy Rhodes and bass band that played first and I didn’t like them much at all. They never said a word to the audience and had no vocals. I’d heard that Damien Jurado was opening for Low, but didn’t know what he sounded like so I thought this band was him. I was a bit disappointed because Damien Jurado is coming back to Provo at the beginning of April with Rocky Votolato and I wanted to see him.

I’ve never seen Low before and don’t really know what they look like, except that they have three people, two of them married and Mormon. So the next band came on, three people, two guys and a girl. I thought they were Low. The guy had the most beautiful voice I’ve heard in awhile. Reminded me of Nick Drake. I thought for sure I’d be a converted Low fan! And then he introduces himself as Damien Jurado. So now I am a giant Damien Jurado fan. I love his music, and downloaded his 2003 Secretly Canadian album Where Shall You Take Me? from eMusic on the strength of one song, “Abilene.” So I’m glad he’s coming back to Utah in April because I definitely will not miss it.

So then the real Low came on. I never got into them much, but live they are amazing. They’re sort of lulling on record, but the volume was turned to 11 (sorry for the trite expression). Married couple Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker create beautiful vocal melodies. I was really blown away by Mimi’s voice, just so beautiful. She also plays the drums standing up. Pretty hardcore. Anyway, it was a great show and I’m really glad that I went, if not only for my newfound love for Jurado’s songwriting.
Might have some pictures later…

Damien Jurado-Abilene

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hooray for damien and bands that come to provo!

Comment by phil

Low really are an amazing band.

And live they just blow me away. Mimi’s vocals are stunning and the harmonies are just to die for.

If you’ve not got it, you should definately get The Great Destroyer. ‘When I go deaf’ goes on just about every mixtape I make.

Comment by coxon le woof

buy “Rehearsals For Departure” as soon as you can. It’s one of Damien Jurado’s best albums.

Comment by Robola

so what was the name of the first opening band? any recollection of the band’s name?

Comment by Anonymous

[…] Utah with Portland’s Laura Gibson. I’ve actually seen Jurado twice here in Utah, once supporting Low and the other time here in Provo (J. Tillman, of Fleet Foxes, also played). They’re just […]

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