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March 31, 2006, 11:29 pm
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“I told you I was going to wear the striped shirt today.”

I never ever thought in a million years Franz Ferdinand had the ability to be creepy. If you count “Michael” as creepy then you’ve got a weak stomach. Maybe I only like the song because my name is Michael (nice to meet you), and the song is great and dancable. That looks stupid, like “dankable.”

Anyway these NEW B-sides come from the NEW single off Franz Ferdinand’s NOT-SO NEW album You Could Have it So Much Better…With Franz Ferdinand. Oh the single is for “The Fallen” and I think the single comes out next week. But you get the B-sides now! Except they’re only rips. Does that bother you? Oh well. Here they are little chicos.

L. Wells
Jeremy Fraser

Oh and when I was talking about creepy, I was really talking about the video for “Jeremy Fraser” (which you can view HERE, along with the uninspired vid for “The Fallen” and “L. Wells”). The Wicker Man like creepiness alone was bad, and then throw in creepy creepy children a la Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Y Control.” Shivers all around! Oh also at that site you can hear the “Ruined By Justice” remix of Fallen and a new instrumental b-side called “Brown Onions.” Prolific, eh? There’s also an acoustic version of “The Fallen” that I’m sure you can find somewhere.

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I thought the show premieres on saturday night…..

Comment by Anonymous

its “danceable.” I like the jangly Jeremy Fraser song.

Comment by Anonymous

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