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May 31, 2006, 4:02 am
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Hello it’s my birthday today! My blog’s birthday, that is. Yes, one year ago into this world came yet another mp3 blog that kinda sorta got noticed a little bit more than I ever thought it would. Started as a post-graduation boredom, look what I’ve amounted to, ‘ey? Well I know what you guys really come here for some heeere’s a cheesy compilation of songs with the word horse in them, or the band’s name is something about horses (horses are the new wolves?). I’m lame I know! But I love it.

Least partyriffic songs, I know, I know. ..

The Decemberists-Bring on the Dancing Horses (Echo & the Bunnymen cover)
They Shoot Horses-Bugs
PJ Harvey-Horses in My Dreams
Iron & Wine /Calexico-Wild Horses (Rolling Stones cover)

Bring Me the Workhorse
May 31, 2006, 12:54 am
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Okay can I tell you how excited I am for My Brightest Diamond‘s new CD Bring Me the Workhorse?? It’s gonna amazing, let me tell you. I got to meet Shara Worden (the powerhouse behind the band) at SXSW and she’s a sweetheart! Plus I saw her play twice and can verify that she will be a force to reckon with! She has been for awhile, but people are finally starting to take notice of her, thanks to her new record lable Asthmatic Kitty and ties to a certain statesman.

Here’s a track from the album.
Something of an End

August 22nd can’t get here fast enough!!

Be My Pigeon
May 30, 2006, 5:21 pm
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I wrote about Coach Said Not To a long time ago, but they contacted me about their new full-length CD, Mini Series and graciously sent me my own copy! The album is full of girly melodies and harmonies, reminding me of Regina Spektor meets The Organ (the band, not the instrument) with beautiful yet sometimes deadpan delivery of lyrics seem torn from a diary.

Coach Said Not To-Be My Pigeon

Buy Mini Series from CDBaby.

Both shows I went to were awesome, CC will have reviews of those sometime (she has all the pictures).

Show Your Spirit
May 26, 2006, 12:45 pm
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Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing The Duke Spirit. First time I’d seen them we were at an Urban Outfitters instore at SXSW. That might have spoiled me because we were RIGHT there, not more than 5 feet from them all, and it was daytime=great pics. I was excited to get to see them at night, at a club. Well, it was night, but more of a strain-your-neck-theater because they are opening for Snow Patrol. Leila Moss has the moves and sex appeal of PJ Harvey or Nikka Costa. Hopefully they’ll come back for a headlining club tour. They are still on the road, so get to the venue early to catch the band that, in my opinion, is the one to watch.

W/Snow Patrol
26th AUSTIN, TX Stubb’s Bar-B-Q
27th HOUSTON, TX Verizon Wireless Theater
29th ATLANTA, GA Roxy Theatre
31st WASHINGTON, DC 9:30 Club
2nd BOSTON, MA Avalon Ballroom Tickets: SOLD OUT
3rd NEW YORK, NY Roseland Ballroom SOLD OUT
5th PHILADELPHIA, PA Electric Factory
6th MONTREAL, QC, Canada Metropolis
7th TORONTO, ON, Canada Kool Haus
9th PONTIAC, MI Clutch Cargo’s
10th CHICAGO, IL Vic Theatre SOLD OUT
11th MINNEAPOLIS, MN First Avenue
15th SEATTLE, WA Paramount Theater
16th PORTLAND, OR Roseland Theatre
18th SAN FRANCISCO, CA Warfield Theatre
19th LOS ANGELES, CA The Wiltern LG
20th LOS ANGELES, CA The Wiltern LG
21st LOS ANGELES, CA Carson Daly Taping (go to their page to see how to get in)

Lion RIP (realplayer hi res video)

Patients (b-side)

Pretty Horses Make Good Liars
May 26, 2006, 12:19 pm
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Soo tonight I am trekking to the land of Dallas, TX for the weekend to chill with CC and see a couple shows for once. Tonight shall be Pretty Girls Makes Graves and Giant Drag. Now, I have Giant Drag’s CD and saw them at SXSW and they were strange. Lead singer Annie Hardy (I think that’s her name) is small and seems to be about 13. But I don’t think she is. BUT they’re good. I’ve never listened to more than two songs by Pretty Girls so I’m going with an open mind. I mean, being named after a Smiths song can’t be right, yeah?

Speaking of bands named after bands’ songs, my blog for one. From the same Belle & Sebastian tree comes Dylan in the Movies. I’d never known they existed until Central Village suggested a tour with Dylan in the Movies and Stars of Track and Field sponsored by me. Haha. Anyway Dylan in the Movies also last week performed on KEXP! High steppin’! Check out the stream of their performance on KEXP here with the time and date of Thursday, May 18 9:00 AM

And then tomorrow is Liars Day! Hooray! I cannot wait even though I’m sure it will be an “experience.”

Umm okay I gotta get dressed for work!

May 25, 2006, 12:20 pm
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Eating my daily Eggo waffle trying to find something to blog about can be hard. I’m still sleepy, enjoying my Eggo waffle, and nobody seems to have blogged this early. Laaame. Anyway here’s a few little things…

Here-the entire Smiths Peel Sessions. My dishroom co-worker Irene doesn’t know what to say about the Smiths, but she doesn’t like New Order. She says it’s like listening to the same song over and over. Last time I bring Substance to listen to. I left Louder Than Bombs in the stereo though, just in case soft rock gets tedious (which is eventual).

A bunch of fancy-pants bloggers were approached to start this Holier Than Thou Charts. Okay just kidding it’s a cool idea to see what a bunch of people have to say their favorite things for the week are. And they’ll let just about anyone in.

The Stills went and made a video for “Destroyer.”

My sister saw Pink Nasty last night and maybe she’ll talk about it if she ever chooses to blog again.

My other sister started her own blog. It’s about her silly kids and has no mp3s so beware.

More Brits
May 24, 2006, 11:44 pm
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Okay while on the way to and at work today I was thinking a few things about British folk. After I made my early morning post about BYOP and the Noisettes, I realized, I made BYOP sound British but they’re not. I neglected to mention that they’re from Nashville. See? That’s how British they are.

Two, I was listening to The StreetsThe Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living. Okay I have to explain some backstory. I’m driving a 1986 (older than me) New Yorker and it talks to me. Not all Knight Rider-like, but he has this voice that tells me I forgot me keys, forgot to turn my lights off (very helpful, I always do it) and now keeps telling me my parking brake is on (as soon as I take the brake off). Anyway during “Hotel Expressionism” there was this voice that sounded exactly like my car. And I was wondering if my car was trying to tell me I was low on gas (oh another thing, during the day I can’t see my dashboard because it’s all digital so I can’t tell how fast I’m going or how much fuel is gone) but it kept on doing it. So my point is, what is Mike Skinner subliminally trying to tell me? My fuel is low?

Thirdly and lastly, gallop over to Grean Pea-ness for a new-to-me-and-maybe-you Long Blondes b-side “Big Infatuation” and also read his thoughts on the Pipettes vs. Long Blondes. And then I was thinking about how I always post on the Long Blondes and I also post a lot on the Rakes, so I was thinking oh my gosh it would be amazing if the Rakes brought the Long Blondes along with them on their U.S. tour in July! I would die/quit work to follow them on the road. So, Rakes, if you read this, call up the Long Blondes and please hit Dallas, Austin, Houston, and my house in Tyler. Thanks.

The Long Blondes-Rakes Darts
from the Giddy Stratospheres 12″. Buy it at Insound (it comes in a shopping bag, guys!)

Now I’ve gone and done it, talked more about my crappy car than music. Oh man now no one’s ever gonna read my blog again! It’s like when NPR turns to Car Talk and I tune it out. Yeah you do too! Stop lying.