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May 25, 2006, 12:20 pm
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Eating my daily Eggo waffle trying to find something to blog about can be hard. I’m still sleepy, enjoying my Eggo waffle, and nobody seems to have blogged this early. Laaame. Anyway here’s a few little things…

Here-the entire Smiths Peel Sessions. My dishroom co-worker Irene doesn’t know what to say about the Smiths, but she doesn’t like New Order. She says it’s like listening to the same song over and over. Last time I bring Substance to listen to. I left Louder Than Bombs in the stereo though, just in case soft rock gets tedious (which is eventual).

A bunch of fancy-pants bloggers were approached to start this Holier Than Thou Charts. Okay just kidding it’s a cool idea to see what a bunch of people have to say their favorite things for the week are. And they’ll let just about anyone in.

The Stills went and made a video for “Destroyer.”

My sister saw Pink Nasty last night and maybe she’ll talk about it if she ever chooses to blog again.

My other sister started her own blog. It’s about her silly kids and has no mp3s so beware.

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Funnily enough I’ve been forum posting about the peel sessions today – if you go to you can listen to songs from a selection of 125 of the ‘best’ peel sessions, and find information about absolutely all of them.

Also I haven’t forgotten about that ‘boom’ song, I’m just being crappily disorganised. No change there.

Comment by Crash Calloway

Well now. I got all excited about that link but when you actually explore it what you’re going to find is a database of all of the sessions (which is nice for a browse, of course) plus some playable snippets from 250 sessions chosen as some of the best.

Comment by Crash Calloway

Oh for god’s sake, that’s wrong too. Just go there, there’s a dragon you have to kill on the way in, make sure you’re fully powered up, it likes grapes, that’s the key, then you need your original 1982 double sleeve 2 disc edition of The Jam’s ‘Beat Surrender’ to distract bloc party who will otherwise cut all your hair off and make gloves with it, and at least $147 in korean money to tip the doorman, failing which he’ll morph into Matthew Wilder and sing ‘Break My Stride’ at you which is terrible but insanely catchy and you’ll never get it out of your head again.

I’ll get my coat.

Comment by Crash Calloway

wooow sounds like an adventure.

Comment by Michael


Thanks for the link, hope people are enjoying The Smiths set. I’m hoping to put up some more rare stuff, I’ll let you know if/when I do.

Enjoy reading the blog, great stuff here.

Comment by Jack

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