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A Word About Van Occupanther
July 27, 2006, 1:23 pm
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I know you’ve already heard 40,000 people telling you Midlake’s new album The Trials of Van Occupanther is the new shiz, but now I’m hear to tell you it is.

When I first got the album I was thinking “Okay so nothing on this album’s gonna hold up to ‘Roscoe.’ You guys were kinda dumb putting it as the first track cause that’s all anyone’s gonna listen to.” But then I got to track two, “Bandits,” and was re-thinking it. And then I hit “Head Home” and it was all over.

This album is one of the best Fleetwood Mac sound-alike records you’ll hear all year, making it one of the best too. Their first album Bamnam & Silvercork (guys what does that even mean?) was okay but all the keyboards got a little boring/annoying. I’m not a big Flaming Lips fan so it didn’t speak much to me. So I was pretty darn glad to get ahold of this one, because it’s amazing.

In case you haven’t heard one of the best songs of the year (I don’t use that lightly):

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I do like the songs I’ve heard – definitely Fleetwood Mackish; but I’m wondering which cover model is Van Occupanther: the yellow one or the bemasked one?

Comment by Brandon

I’m not sure. I think its the masked one since it’s vaguely pantherish? when I saw them play one of them had the mask on his keyboard…none of them were wearing a yellow suit.

Comment by Michael

Hey Michael you might enjoy this since it was your birthday yesterday too. But I saw Midlake last night in boston with Sound Team. Lovely show

Comment by Jeff

‘roscoe’ isn’t even the best song on the album…try ‘young bride’

Comment by christian

Young Bride is a great song, but I think Roscoe is still my favorite. Also a big fan of Head Home. My 4 year old son is addicted to King Fish Pies. I shit you not.

Comment by Matt

Actually, King Fish Pies is on Bamnan and Silvercork.

Comment by Matt

Bamnan & Slivercork were taken from an experience of Tim’s. Tim and Paul used to work as musical instrument repair techs at Brook Mays in Dallas. In the rush before the school year began one year Tim received a clarinet that was in need of repairs. On the repair request form a grade school kid had scraweled, “It needs a new bamnan and slivercork.” Tim took to the tongue-twister like sound of the words and thus was the album titled.

Comment by R. Beck

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