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December 23, 2006, 9:06 pm
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No one else is blogging. Is anyone reading? Anyways, 2007 looks to be a great year. The spring will bring many flowers, including a full length release from political dance punks !!!. Their album Myth Takes will be released March 4th through Warp and is set to get you dancing again.

Myth Takes

Heart of Hearts

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awesome album art, any idea who did it?

Comment by todd keller-um...sure! i likes.

i agree it’s pretty wicked, but i don’t know who the artist is. maybe someone else will help us out?

Comment by cc

!!! is on warp? that is… odd… i would also like to add that their live performance is more jammy dance funk than dance/punk.

Comment by catdirt

‘political dance punks’?

Is that possible? Or practical? Or advisable?

Comment by Species 8472

i just took it from their press release.

possible, yes. practical, questionable. advisable, definitely not during this administration.

Comment by cc

i bet that gorman (dan) did the cover art.

Comment by Gabriel

Kevin Hooyman did the cover art for “Myth Takes”. He’s awesome.

Comment by Anonymous

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