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Qui? Moi?
February 19, 2007, 2:46 pm
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So, I’ve totally been on the foreign band bandwagon. Today, we bring you a couple from the PlasticinesLP1. They’re from Paris and list influences as the B52s, Stooges, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They’re also playing a couple of shows with another of their favs The Slits. It looks like LP1 just came out in France, so maybe it’ll be a little more available soon? For right now, you can click here and order it from French Amazon or French itunes and others.

Lost In Translation


And for the drone lovers, here’s a new one from Badgerlore’s We Are All Hopeful Farmers, We Are All Scared Rabbits. Badgerlore is ex-Deerhoof member Rob Fisk and Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance and Comets on Fire. Rob Fisk also plays in 7 Year Rabbit Cycle with Jamie (of Xiu Xiu) and fellow ex-Deerhoof-er Kelly Goode. Together Fisk and Goode run the label Free Porcupine Society.

Goodnight, Sweet Rabbits

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Oh my God, no! Not the Plastiscines! Not here on this very good blog!
The Plastiscines are one of the worst French band, maybe you can’t understand their lyrics because they are REALLY awfully stupid.
We have much better bands in France, try Lapin Machin, Mansfield TYA or Sexy Sexy for instance…

Comment by Cécile

Sexy Sushi I mean…

Comment by Cécile

I can teach you some French to English translations lol

Zuberr from The Mind and Its Education

Comment by Zuberr Nowrung

Not sure what you are talking about cecil half thier songs are in english

Comment by Edward Ott

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