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YYYs’ Spidey Sense
April 30, 2007, 1:44 pm
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As a buyer, I was wondering why I should bring the new Spiderman 3 soundtrack into my stores. So, I started reading through the tracklisting, Snow Patrol (ok), The Killers (ok), Yeah Yeah Yeahs (sold).

Record Collection knows how to put a soundtrack together with all new songs from Snow Patrol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jet, The Flaming Lips, Wolfmother, The Walkmen, The Killers and more. The soundtrack even has a website. See the full track listing here.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-“Sealings

The Flaming Lips-“Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How to Be in Love

April 30, 2007, 5:02 am
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I found some live Sufjan songs, and as I’m deciding which ones to put up, I want to pick the ones with Shara very prominant in them, ’cause I’m biased. When I talked to Shara at SXSW, she was gushing about Mikey, much like I do…kinda crazy. Anyhoo…

She (My Brightest Diamond) did an awesome in-studio performance for KCRW while she was at Sxsw. It’s a whole hour of talking and singing, including a never-released Edith Piaf cover. You can find that interview and performance here.

In fact, KCRW is hosting a My Brightest Diamond show in LA at the Troubadour tonight. Please go and tell Shara I said hey.

04-30 – 89.9 KCRW presents My Brightest Diamond
at the Troubadour in Los Angeles (with Pedestrian)

05-03 Eugene, OR – McDonald Theater #
05-04 Seattle, WA – Paramount Theater #
05-05 Bellingham, WA – Western Washington University #

# with The Decemberists

05-30 New York, NY – The Bowery Ballroom
MBD opens for The National

So, here are the live Sufjan Stevens tracks from a show at the Fox Theatre on September 21, 2006.


Detroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head

The Dress Looks Nice On You

PDX Auction
April 27, 2007, 3:28 pm
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Buckman Arts Magnet Elementary School in Portland is holding an auction. They have 10 items on ebay and will also host an event at the Melody Ballroom tonight at 5:45pm. More details here. Most of the items on ebay are kid sized guitars that have been individually decorated by Portland Artists. Corin Tucker (of Sleater-Kinney) decorated the guitar above. Janet Weiss (now of The Jicks) decorated one as well. Members of Modest Mouse, The Decemberists, The Dandy Warhols, Quasi, and more lent their hands. Bid for the items here.

No Parking Lot
April 24, 2007, 8:43 pm
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One of the cds that was released today was A Tribute to Joni Mitchell. There is a varied array of iconic-artists-in-their-own-right that pay homage to Ms. Mitchell. Sufjan Stevens, Bjork, Caetano Veloso, Prince, Emmylou Harris, Annie Lennox, Elvis Costello, KD Lang and others lend their vast talents to interpreting Joni’s songs.

I was going to post the Prince song, ’cause it’s killer and Prince fans are freaky and old-school like me. They will buy the cd even if they’ve downloaded the song. They like to hold something and thumb through the artwork. We are complete-ists. You new school kids are weird to me, but I bet you have a lot less to lug around.

Anyways, Idolator just beat me to it, so get the Prince song here. I think Elvis Costello fans are old school too, so here’s his version of “Edith and the Kingpin.”

“Edith and the Kingpin” (Joni Mitchell cover) by Elvis Costello

If you’re new school, it’s not too hard to find the full version of this song, but here’s a teaser to entice you to actually spend money on this well done tribute.

“Free Man in Paris” (Joni Mitchell cover) Sufjan Stevens (teaser ~1min)

April 23, 2007, 1:15 pm
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I’ve been a fan of Holly Golightly‘s since seeing her play at sxsw many years ago. You may know her as a friend of the White Stripes singing on their song “It’s True That We Love One Another.” She’s also been a frequent collaborator of the prolific Billy Childish.

Her new album You Can’t Buy a Gun When You’re Crying on Damaged Goods is already out in the UK, but due out in the States in May.

“This is a side project featuring Holly and Lawyer Dave. Brought to you courtesy of the influences of bourbon, brisket, ribs, Lead Belly, Howlin Wolf and by the cutting edge audio technology of the Victrola. PS The title of the album is apparently an actual law in the US of A. Quite sensibly so!”

“You Can’t Buy a Gun When You’re Crying” by Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs

more new songs at their Myspace page and Holly’s Myspace page.

April 19, 2007, 2:52 pm
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Okay, well i was going to post a song off the new Tori Amos album American Doll Posse, but many people have already beat me to it. One track at popbytes and two at Fabulist!.

Then I thought about a track from Rufus Wainright‘s newest Release The Stars. Nope, Brooklyn Vegan beat me to it. More new Rufus at It’s Hard To Find A Friend. Here’s Rufus talking about his first single “Going To Town.”(here)

Brooklyn Vegan is one of the 5 I read everyday. His post today has some great pics of Beth Ditto of The Gossip. My advice don’t read the comments after them. Some people are not so nice. See his pics here.

Anyways, his post is what brings me to “premier” my video of The Gossip from Sxsw. The quality is not so good from my little camera, but the content is great. This group gives 100% on stage.

Do Something Nice
April 18, 2007, 3:25 pm
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My favorite shoe store (and the shoe store of the Beastie Boys) Harputs is throwing a party. They’re 10 years old now and want you to help them celebrate on April 27th in San Fransisco. Rachel Yamagata, Michael McDermott, and The Nice Device will help them raise money for an organization called Our Conservatory. It’s a musical instrument library that helps at risk kids find their passion thru music.

The Nice Device is from Detroit, but is not in the typical vein of the motor city garage or soul sounds. Instead, they make pop music. The Brits are already hip to them. You can vote for them at NME.

Nice Device-Brightest Days

Hear more at their myspace page.