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Cornflake Girl
May 7, 2007, 12:00 am
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Tori Amos has a new cd out called American Doll Posse. She has been one of my favorites since I was young. She was recently interviewed on Studio 360 for NPR. You stream it here or get the mp3. The show also included one of my favorite actresses, Sarah Polley, who has just directed her first film Away From Her.

These aren’t from American Doll Posse but are some old rarities nicely compiled.

Tracks1&2 SNL ’96
Tracks 3-6 Virgin Megastore NYC 5/13/96
Track 7 Late Show D.Letterman ’96
Track 8 Regis & Kathy Lee ’96
Track 9-23 B-Sides ’96

01 Caught A Light Sneeze
02 Hey Jupiter
03 Crucify
04 Silent All These Years
05 Cornflake Girl
06 Hey Jupiter – 2
07 Muhammad My Friend
08 Hey Jupiter – 3
09 This Old Man
10 That`s What I Like Mick (The Sandwitch Song)
11 Graveyard
12 Toodles Mr. Jim
13 Hungarian Wedding Song
14 Samurai
15 Frog On My Toe
16 London Girls
17 Sister Named Desire
18 Holiday Greetings 1
19 Holiday Greetings 2
20 Holiday Greetings 3
21 Holiday Greetings 4
22 Holiday Greetings 5
23 Holiday Greetings 6

Download it
(many thanks to derek)

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