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Thurston Moore Solo Album
June 30, 2007, 12:15 am
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This is my trying-not-to-be-annoying pic of Thurston Moore from Sxsw this year. He had come into the club where the Kill Rock Stars Showcase was, and a little star struck, I snapped this awful picture.

In tandem with tickets for Sonic Youth going on sale here in my area (Dallas & Austin fans buy here, not thru ticketbastard), here are a couple of new tunes from a forthcoming Thurston solo album which will be out on Thurston’s label Ecstatic Peace on September 18. It’s mostly acoustic material and includes friends J Mascis, Christina Carter (of the Charlambides), Steve Shelley(SY drummer), & Samara Lubelski(violinist).

Thurston Moore & Christina Carter – Honest James

Thurston Moore – Fri/Emd

Sonic Youth hits the road this summer, even playing the classic Daydream Nation all the way thru in California and New York. Daydream Nation was just re-released as a deluxe edition with extras galore:
-15 live tracks
-studio extras
-new liner notes
-unseen photos

A 4LP edition will be out on July 10th.


June 27 Berlin, Germany Columbia Halle Performing Daydream Nation

June 29 Gdynia, Poland Open’er Festival
July 1 Cergy Pontoise, France Furia Sound Festival
July 3 Istres, France La Palio
July 5 Torino, Italy Spaziale Performing Daydream Nation
July 6 Ferrara, Italy Piazza Castello Performing Daydream Nation
July 7 Roma, Italy Romano di Ostia Antica Performing Daydream Nation

July 13 Chicago, IL Pitchfork Music Festival Performing Daydream Nation
July 19 Berkeley CA Berkely Community Theater Performing Daydream Nation
July 20 Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre Performing Daydream Nation
July 21 Santa Monica, CA KXLU show at Urban Outfitters
July 28 Brooklyn, NY McCarren Park Pool Performing Daydream Nation

August 15 Near Porto, Portugal Paredes de Coura Festival
August 17 Saint-Malo, France La Route du Rock Performing Daydream Nation
August 18 Hasselt, Belgium Pukkelpop Festival Performing Daydream Nation
August 19 Biddinhuizen, Holland Lowlands
August 21 Glasgow, Scotland ABC1 performing Daydream Nation
August 22 Glasgow, Scotland ABC1 performing Daydream Nation
August 25 Prague, Czech Republic Archa Theatre
August 26 Vienna, Austria Openair at ARENA
August 27 Zagreb, Croatia INmusic Festival
August 29 Paris, La Vilette Jazz Festival with guests Mats Gustafson, Michel Doneda, and Jean-Marc Monterra
August 30 London, England Roundhouse performing Daydream Nation
August 31 London, England Roundhouse performing Daydream Nation
September 1 London, England Roundhouse performing Daydream Nation
September 2 County Laois, Ireland Electric Picnic
October 5 Austin, TX Stubbs BBQ
October 6 Marfa, TX Thunderbird Hotel- Chinati Open House Weekend
October 7 Dallas, TX House of Blues

Jana Hunter on Repeat
June 28, 2007, 5:12 am
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Jana Hunter‘s new cd There’s No Home has been in constant rotation since about a week ago. I caught both of her shows here on Monday and recorded the acoustic show at Good Records. The videos didn’t come out great, because of the mood lighting, but there were at least 3 other people who shot some video (including GvB), so maybe their’s turned out better.

At any rate, both shows were excellent, in the tops for the year, and her cd is already in my top picks for ’07. I’ll probably drive to Austin to catch her open for Devendra in October. Baltimore is a very lucky town. I took for granted she’d always be around.

Jana Hunter – Palms (Live @ Good Records 25Jun07)

Jana Hunter – A Bright Ass Light (Live @ Good Records 25Jun07)

Catch her with Rasputina in July if you live in the West or Midwest (dates here)

Hunting the Hunter
June 25, 2007, 10:18 am
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The other night (Friday?) in Tucson a bunch of gear was stolen from the van of Jana Hunter & Castanets.

“So, the story is, last night we played in tucson at solar culture.
afterward, we loaded our stuff up, went downtown, had a drink, and
went to a house to crash on the floor. en route, we damaged a door,
making it such that the door won’t close and such that eventually,
before we return the vehicle to the rental company, we’ll have to pay
on the order of 2 grand to replace the door.

seeing as how we had an unsecured vehicle, ray (castanets) slept in
the van. sometime during the night, some brave fuck(s) very quietly
opened the back door and took what they could carry. we assume their
were more than one of them given all the shit they managed to walk
away with. we’re gathering what serial numbers we can, but in the
meantime, here’s a rudimentary list:

JH gear
fender classical guitar (ser.#9505151116)
new boss 20xl loopstation
boss reverb/delay pedal
original digitech whammy pedal
original b k butler tubedriver overdrive pedal
peavey 6 mixer (ser.#k0344300)
shure beta 98/s
custom flashlight circuit-bended thing

Castanets gear
late 60’s blue fender music master guitar
line 6 delay pedal
boss tremolo
mutron volume/wah pedal
boss tuner pedal
digitech metal master

all this after we had to fly our friend/drummer to the airport
yesterday morning so he could go to the hospital. pretty big bummer
all around.

since that message was sent out, a lot of kind folks have written to
ray and i asking with very kind words of sympathy and offers of help.
given that we don’t expect to see our gear return to us and therefore
really could use the help, we’ve decided to set up a paypal account
and ask that whomoever is so inclined make a small donation to help
alleviate the costs of replacing our equipment. in order to accept
these donations, we have with the email address if these folks are feeling especially
generous, we’d also ask that they donate from their bank accounts or
paypal accounts so that we can avoid paying fees on the donations.

we’re in the process of assessing how much we’ll need to replace our
equipment, but in the event that we receive more than we need, we
plan to pass on whatever is left over to a charity or charities.

thanks for reading,

Tonight, I get to see Jana play at Good Records @ 6:30pm and later at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio. In Austin & Houston, she’ll be playing with Pink Nasty (who was in the pews at Jana’s Sxsw show), and next month she’s opening for Rasputina.

I think this may be my last time to see her before she moves away. I’ll hope she feels the inexplicable magnetic pull of this state and visits us often.

Jana Hunter – Babies

2 Great Live in-studio performances for Planet Claire.

Jana Hunter – All the Best Wishes

Jana Hunter – The New Sane Scramble

Keep your eye out for other bands stolen stuff at

McSweeney’s Needs Your Help
June 23, 2007, 9:34 am
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Miranda July (Me and You and Everyone We Know filmmaker) has 3 handmade posters that are up for auction on Ebay. There’s an apology, congratulations, and this invitation. People seem to like the apology (now at $730). I like the invitation (at $315). These are on auction for McSweeney’s. They lost over $100,000 because their distributor filed for bankruptcy (the story). If you’ve got $2000, you can get a personal tour of The Daily Show. Here’s the full auction list. Hurry…they start ending today at 12:17PDT.

McSweeney’s is responsible for so much goodness, including:

McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern (for the reader)
The Believer (magazine for the reader with a slightly shorter attention span)
and Wholphin (dvd of shorts and docs for those who don’t want to read)

For their sale, the subscriptions are $5 off, new books are 30% off, and the real deal…half of back issues. Go to their store and lend a hand.

Miranda July interview

Miranda July – I Can Japan

Nirvana Discog
June 21, 2007, 8:16 am
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Sorry the Bowie’s gone…maybe a little Nirvana will help?

Almost 30 albums here.

They’ll probably get wise too, so get ’em while you can

Bowie Downloads
June 16, 2007, 9:20 am
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Few artists have been as influential, innovative, or ever-lasting as David Bowie. If you’ve got a hole in your Bowie Catalog, perhaps you can fill it here. There are nearly 40 albums for your enjoyment.

Oh Yeah Yeah YEAH
June 15, 2007, 2:10 am
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I’m sorry it’s been so long, but for your patience and loyalty here you go.

Get your Yeah Yeah Yeahs here first! First it was Karen O. Now, a song from the forthcoming Ep titled Isis. The 5 song ep was previously reported to be named Runt of the Litter, but this is no runt my friends.


June 4, 2007, 5:06 am
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John Pike, the drummer for Ra Ra Riot, is missing. He was last seen leaving a party on Friday night/Sat morn at 3am in Fairhaven, MA. His phone was found on the beach half a mile from the house party. He is wearing levi’s and a yellow t-shirt. Please keep an eye out for him and if you have any info call the police.

Ra Ra Riot is opening for Tokyo Police Club starting here in Texas in July. Check their dates here.

Each Year

Full Story of the search here.