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Kristin Hersh Manifesto
September 2, 2007, 4:16 pm
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When not writing her book Paradoxical Undressing, or making music with 50 Ft Wave, Kristin Hersh has had a lot on her mind. She’s had it with record labels. You can read the whole manifesto here, but in short an artist that doesn’t appeal to the sham radio is nowadays can’t make it with a major label.

In hopes of cutting out the middlemen, she has started the CASH Music Project

“ThrowingMusic is happy to announce an entirely new musical endeavor. We’re calling it the Coalition of Artists & Stake Holders, or the “CASH Music Project”. CASH Music represents a new music business model which we hope you’ll not only support but also help us shape, by sharing with us your thoughts, suggestions & opinions.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will come to you with a new kind of offering from Kristin. We’re planning lots of great new content, including a brand-new studio recording posted to Kristin’s blog every month – free of charge.

We’re committed to not holding music hostage, the music will be free. We’ll be asking for donations and offer you the opportunity to subscribe to Kristin’s career – past, present and future.”

She’s also added a tip jar to the top of her mp3 page, and will soon be releasing albums on a subscription basis.

Hersh will be touring soon, and even has a couple of rare dates with Throwing Muses pal Tanya Donelly.

Date Artist Place Venue

19 Sept 2007 Kristin Hersh Chicago, IL Estrojam Festival at Schuba’s Tavern
6 Oct 2007, 6pm Kristin Hersh w/Tanya Donelly! Cambridge, MA The Brattle Theatre
6 Oct 2007, 9pm Kristin Hersh w/Tanya Donelly! Cambridge, MA The Brattle Theatre
11 Oct 2007 Kristin Hersh Richmond, Victoria The Corner Hotel
12 Oct 2007 Kristin Hersh Hepburn Springs, Victoria The Palais
14 Oct 2007 Kristin Hersh Auckland, NZ Kings Arms
15 Oct 2007 Kristin Hersh Wellington, NZ San Francisco Bath House
17 Oct 2007 Kristin Hersh Bulli, New South Wales The Heritage Hotel
18 Oct 2007 Kristin Hersh Katoomba, New South Wales Clarendon Guest House
19 Oct 2007 Kristin Hersh Sydney, New South Wales The Basement
21 Oct 207 Kristin Hersh Fremantle, Western Australia Fremantle Arts Centre

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