Trials + Tribulations

April 7, 2008, 3:33 pm
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Last night, I went and saw Jim Florentine at the Improv. He started making a name for himself by toying with telemarketers that would call his house. He told a story about how he took a girlfriend dressed as an expectant mother to an abortion clinic that had a bunch of protesters outside. She had a pillow in her dress and she was saying, “No, I want to keep it, ” but he was bullying her into the place. Then she ran down the street, and he ran after her with a wire coat hanger. Yeah, I know I have sick humor, but I think the guy is ingenious.

Oh, you may also know him as Special Ed or Bobby Fletcher on Crank Yankers.

Hear some of his stand-up comedy on his myspace page and definitely check out his prank phone calls.

This is my favorite, the classic Special Ed “I Got Mail” call.


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