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’86 ‘Til Infinity
November 2, 2008, 2:56 am
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Hey so um, I got back this Monday from Mexico. I’ve been kinda just soaking in everything. New music, movies, tv, fashion, everything. I am really glad to be back and start takin’ care of the blog. My sister Carol did a pretty good job as she could. She’s a workaholic so I understand why the posts weren’t many but we’re gonna start changing that.

I’d really like to change the layout of the site but I don’t have any skills. So if you think you can help, it’d be appreciated. If not, I’ll try and muck through it all…

Anyway, this is a really awesome mix that Copy made for XLR8R magazine called “’86 ‘Til Infinity”
It’s full of awesome Portland bands (Glass Candy, Atole, YACHT, The Blow, Copy, etc.) and well, just check it out.

Copy-’86 ‘Til Infinity Mix

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i know you haven't updated much lately, but some of your older posts are pretty interesting.

i take it from the title of your site that you like belle & sebastian? if so mad props


Comment by Andy Kissner

hey, it’s nice to have you back!

Comment by Ryan

welcome back!

Comment by Travis

Welcome back!

Comment by brian

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