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Top of 2008 #11: Fiery Furnaces-Remember
December 5, 2008, 6:10 pm
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I couldn’t get down to 11. I’m sorry. So after almost 6 weeks of playing catch-up I think I’ve got this whole “year 2008” thing down. And after days of listening to albums not only from this year and 2007, I’ve picked out the best from the good. And we’re gonna start counting down backwards-style that’s so common for these lists. Welcome.

If you’ve never seen the Fiery Furnaces live, then maybe you won’t get this record or be able to sit through two discs of it. But when they play live, they cut up their songs and then re-hash them all over the place. One second they’ll be playing something off of Blueberry Boat and then kooky guitar lurches into a riff straight off Bitter Tea. I wasn’t able to see them tour in support of Bitter Tea or Widow City., so I’m really glad they made this album. It’s just like hearing them live. And I love it so much.

The Fiery Furnaces-Japanese Slippers
Buy Remember on 3xLP from Insound
Or 2xCD

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