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What Ever Happened To…
February 12, 2009, 8:23 am
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Guys what ever happened to Voxtrot? I mean their first two EPs were awesome and everyone loved them and stuff and then their CD came out (I guess, I was gone) and then no one talked about them. Where are they now? Voxtrot, if you’re reading this, you’re kinda missed ’round here. I mean, “Raised by Wolves” is awesome. Can’t you make more good music like that?

Raised By Wolves

Honeybee (from the Firecracker single)

(This post was brought you by whatever my iPod brings up on shuffle)

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Congratulations. You win Bob Loblaw’s non-snarky comment award. Trawling through Hypem, it literally takes me downloading 100 songs to find five good ones. As they say, 95% of anything is crap. About once a fortnight I discover something so lame I have to shout, “God this is awful & ridiculous & depressing.” That said, major props on your clean, intelligent & apparently voluminous blog. Excellent feature including the at-a-glance posting history. I notice you left it idle last year and have recently come back. I too loved Voxtrot back in 2006 but kinda forgot about them of late. Ditto the Cold War Kids (revived by Florence’s haunting covers). Anyway, very nice job. You certainly ain’t no Music Slut. Hell, you might actually border on Picasso after all. PEACE!

Comment by Bob Loblaw

um thanks!

Comment by copfy

Their full-length is a grower. Give it a chance. “Brother In Conflict” alone is as good as anything on the EPs.

Comment by Catbirdman

hey, not sure whats happening with them. i know Ramesh through a friend, but he hasnt been back to glasgow in ages. Last i heard they were on a new album, but nobody has said anything. ill ask a few friends and see what the guys are up to. love the blog

Comment by sluds

really would love to hear what’s goin’ on with them.

I’ll definitely give the album more spins, catbirdman!

Comment by copfy

Ramesh has been living in Berlin. You can read his blog here:

He doesn’t update it much. But he has recently.

Comment by David

I agree with Bob:) I’ve been out on hypem now for an hour or so, and the best songs came from your blog!
Keep up the great taste.

Comment by Mr. Artist

thanks david! and thanks mr artist!

Comment by copfy

I guess I thought Voxtrot’s two EPs were amazing but their LP just didn’t measure up. Sometimes I think that maybe their music just works better in the shorter form? That’s not a knock on them, different styles just work better in different formats. Anyway, I hope they get some more music out. So goddamn catchy!

Comment by forwearemany

Looks like a new song is posted on Always thought they’d sound rad with some synths. Digging the new direction.

Comment by Kraut

[…] March 16, 2009, 11:40 am Filed under: Music | Tags: voxtrot Promptly a few weeks after asking “What ever happened to Voxtrot?” our prayers have been heard. The band has posted a new song on their website and promises two shows […]

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