Trials + Tribulations

February 26, 2009, 1:25 pm
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dsc00462So besides getting my iPod stolen, the Andew Bird show was pretty good last night. I didn’t know what time it started so I got there around eight and missed some of Loney, Dear’s set. I really liked them live. They’re good on CD, but it really comes alive…live. They were polite and nice and it seemed like the audience liked them. I sure did. I just wish I’d seen the whole set and closer. I didn’t get any pictures of them.

And then came the whistlin’, pluckin’, samplin’, self-loopin’ barefoot troubadour Andrew Bird. I have never really listened to him, except a couple songs. He’s charming, nice, and very talented. I liked how he looped himself and did it so well. He’s obviously been doing it awhile. Made me think though: would people still like him as much if he didn’t whistle all the time? He does have some funny lyrics, though. I’ll give him that. All around a pretty good night.

You can see the rest of my meager pictures at Flickr.

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