Trials + Tribulations

February 26, 2009, 8:31 am
Filed under: Music

It’s time to wax nostalgic for my lil 30GB iPod video. Last night while attending the Andrew Bird & Loney, Dear show, one of the bouncers stole it from my bag while checking it to get in. And of course none of them fessed up to it. Funny that I had it the whole time I was in Mexico and everywhere else, and it gets stolen in Utah. Whatever. At least it wasn’t my laptop. Or external hard drive.

Alexis Taylor – I’m Not a Robber

(This is a personal post. I’ll post some pics I took last night later)

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You were at the Andrew Bird show in SLC? I was too! How random.

Comment by Loca


Comment by mindy

In the Venue really sucks!

Comment by CB

yeah tell me about it!

Comment by copfy

[…] off, the venue, In the Venue, is one of my very least favorite venues. Ever. It might be because I got my iPod stolen while I was there in February, or because the staff are not very pleasant to their patrons. I […]

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