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Pictures of You
March 1, 2009, 4:30 pm
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tapeographyHow do you like your Cure done? British, or American freak-folk? Recently, two tributes to The Cure have been making the rounds, with the band’s music being interpreted through pretty different eyes. NME put out a cd with one of their issues, Pictures of You, where as Manimal Vinyl released their two-disc tribute, Perfect as Cats. Which version do you like better? And why does Metronomy sound like Gravy Train!!!!?

The Futureheads – The Lovecats

Metronomy – Fascination Street

Rio en Medio – Pictures of You

We Are the World – Why Can’t I Be You

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Ah! I don’t know if I like that Futureheads cover – I like them, usually, but it’s not got that nice little kitty prance that the Cure’s original had. Instead of a “mew, mew,” it’s like a “mmrrrreeeeoooowwwwrrr.”

Comment by China

haha yeah they’re definitely some bigger cats than from the original.

Comment by copfy

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