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March 5, 2009, 8:59 am
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metronomySo because I’ve dedicated my life to  loving Metronomy and posting any movement they make, here’s a remix off their re-released single “Radio Ladio.” I guess you could call it the remix single, cuz it features two remixes by Radioclit and one by Micachu. How awesome would it have been if Radioclit could’ve gotten his buddy Esau Mwamwaya on this remix? It definitely could have used a little more…umph.

Radio Ladio (Radioclit Swedish Remix)

Get the “French Mix” at LA Friendly. The whole single is due April 6.

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I decided yesterday to love Metronomy! Sometimes i need to lisent 5 times until i notice how great they are! Now I can’t stop lisening to them…

Comment by Supermario

Congratulations for letting Metronomy into your life! You won’t regret it.

Comment by copfy

aren’t they just amazing, caught them for the Becks Beer Festival in sydney a few months ago…

added you to our friends 🙂


Comment by Ubbs

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