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SXSW Day 3: Standing in the Line for the Bathroom

Diplo reachin' for some fries.

Okay okay okay I bet you guys are like “Gosh when will SXSW be over? I just come here for the mp3’s where are they?” Anyway. For all you haters here’s the second to last round-up of what-I-did-during-summer-vacations.

I was super duper tired waking up today (story of my SXSLife) and decided to hang out before heading out and doing anything. So I left around three to see Alela Diane play at the Mohawk. She had on some cute mom jeans and had a lot of even cuter songs. I really love her voice.

Then I heard from a friend who read it online who stole it from Pitchfork that Diplo and A-Trak were playing together. It was rad. They played music with lots of bass that made my nose vibrate. And played “Everybody Nose” and a sweet remix of “Day N Nite” by Diplo. Anyone got a video? Anyone?

I stepped outside into the Emo’s main room where Daniel from Grizzly Bear’s Department of Eagles were playing. Daniel was on one side of the stage and his bandmates on the other side. It was weird, they seemed like bad news on a tired afternoon (joke).

So then I really wanted to go see Peter Bjorn & John who were playing at the Fader Fort, but were also playing with Grizzly Bear. Zing! We have a winner! I went over to the Cedar Street Courtyard where I stood sweaty and smashed into other people to watch Bedouin Soundclash (SKA!) and PB&J. I love everything Scandanavian. I think God made it a very special place where everyone is beautiful. I wish I’d been born there. PB&J’s new record Living Thing is hott. And they didn’t even play “Young Folks”! Relief!

And then the ole Grizzly Bear hit the stage. They played about half and half of songs from Yellow House and Veckatimest. It was a show filled with rockinger songs than what I read they played the night before (no “He Hit Me”). I wish they’d played “Colorado,” but it made sense because people were talking a lot more than in a church so rockier songs fit well. I loved them and understand why 12,467 other people wanted to be at that show. Oh wait, Dinosaur Jr. was playing? They’re for old people. Plus, Grizzly Bear played “Two Weeks” with Victoria of Beach House for the first time ever live. Cool huh?

Other day hightlights:
Sitting down and eating Wendy’s next to Don Rimini
Realizing that Metallica played at Stubb’s
Getting this free CD that Diplo threw out. It was mixed by Paul Devro especially for SXSW. You can download it track-for-track or as a .zip.

Invasion of the Loop Zombies from Mexico (.zip)
Palmeras, passion y pistolas
Voy a cenar con tu concha mi amor
Ojos de un million de aztecas mirandote
Banado de oro
La venganza de Gabino Barrera y sus 69 hijos

And as always, check out all of my pictures on Flickr.

My sister went to check out Lady Sov and Kid Sister last night. Here’s the videos.

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