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Gossip Name New Album, Puns Ensue
April 6, 2009, 11:33 am
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Just weeks after begging for Gossip news in the middle of a Gossip desert, a Gossip oasis has been spotted in the near distance!! They’ve named their new CD Music for Men, and the lead single “Heavy Cross” which will be released in June. It was all produced by Rick Rubin (this will be mentioned on every review/news about the album). Hot dance moves by Beth Ditto, cool riffs by Brace Pain and hot licks by drummer (sorry don’t know your name honey) Hannah Billie follow. Hopefully, tour dates will be next on the horizon. Or better, music from the album.

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Who you callin “honey?” The drummer is Hannah Blilie. She’s been in many other projects including Shoplifting and Chromatics. She is also the sister of Jordan of the Blood Brothers.

My bro’s more famous than me…do you think i’ll get called honey? i like it, but prefer darlin’

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