Trials + Tribulations

April 7, 2009, 4:23 am
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jessetrak1I’m sort’ve really crushin’ on both of these dudes right now. Yeah I’m talkin’ ’bout A-Trak and Jesse Rose. They are making some of the best music out there right now. I said it.

A-Trak & Laidback Luke – Shake it Down

Underworld – Holding the Moth (Jesse Rose Remix)

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mate, don’t you think it’s a little low to publish a song that has been available in the shops for 6 months – not exactly a ground breaking blog either

Comment by Charlie

yeah well I apologize for writing about what I like.

Comment by copfy

There are countless music blogs that post anything new that comes into their inbox, regardless of quality or taste. Just because its new doesn’t mean a piss.

Dad? Is that you? You do nothing bastard, unhappy with your own life to the point you cant enjoy anything. Get off the internet and contribute to society. Be a man.

Comment by $1.99 Mink Coat

Ha at the comments

Watch out for Jesse Rose’s management… they came after me with a 6 inch knife

Comment by Ubbs

me too, for the tracks from his album. but they shouldn’t care about a remix I would think. not the same label…guess we’ll find out haha

Comment by copfy

[…] David E. Sugar to the growing list of man-crushes of electronic music. Consider him a healthy alternative to Calvin […]

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