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May 12, 2009, 9:25 am
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plentiSo maybe you’ve heard that Paul Banks of Interpol is releasing a solo record under his moniker Julian Plenti on Matador called Skyscraper. Good news: it will probably sound like Interpol, at least vocally (duh). Here’s a track he played somewhere live. Sorry I don’t know where. The lyrics make more sense than any Interpol song ever did.

The Larynx That You Have


♫ Interpol – Untitled (Interpool Swimwear Remix by Velapene Screen)

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Sometimes I forget how much I really liked Interpol. This will be interesting to hear!

Comment by ambrose

I’m pretty excited to hear his album. I represent a site for indie musicians called . It would make me very happy if you would be kind enough to give it a look. Thanks!

Comment by Jon

hey. it doesnt say that i did the remix!!!!
haha, well i did. check out my myspace page or email me and ill send you the mp3.

Comment by chris ghiraldi

oh I’m glad you said so! I couldn’t find out anything about who did it. great job!

Comment by Michael

Can we get my artist name in the post title or tag? velapene screen. i saw three other pages on this sight who have it posted but my artist name is in the title. its funny though, this page has the actual remix name i made, the other’s dont.

Comment by chris ghiraldi

it does say the name in the page , for some reason it wont show up in the search.

Comment by chris ghiraldi

it doesn’t show up in the search because the mp3 wasn’t tagged with yr name. I’ll go back and re-upload it with the proper title.

Comment by Michael

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