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June 4, 2009, 9:00 am
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Phoenix+lisztomaniaAll the searching people are doing for “the summer jam” are goofy, because it’s already been posted on every blog everywhere.

Phoenix’s “Lisztomania” is the perfect summer experience. Within the first couple of licks of the guitar, you already feel like contorting your body. Then the kickdrum picks up, and you’re lost within the feeling. I just think it’s really a perfect song.

The thing about all the remixes, the Classixx, the Holy Ghost!, the Yuksek, is that they all feel so different from the original. In a bad way. They sound much more conformed, and I feel less like dancing when I hear them. This one is a different one, but still doesn’t make me feel like dancing much. Maybe it’s just time for people to leave the song alone, preserved in its original form.

♫ Listzomania (A Fight for Love 25hrs a Day Remix)

I like this video, because it’s cool to see kids just acting goofy to the song. Sure their moves are ripped from the Brat Pack mash-up, but it’s a completely believable response to the song.

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Is there any way you could re-post the mp3? It’s reached its download limit and i absolutely loved the remix. Thanks so much!

Comment by demosthenes310

ok I changed the link so it should be wokring now.

Comment by Michael

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