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July 3, 2009, 11:59 am
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pitchfkedY’all I just wanted to address this… a few days ago, Pitchfork linked (via Hype Machine) to a post I’d put up a few weeks ago of Passion Pit’s reworking of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ song “Heads Will Roll.” It brought a lot of traffic to the blog, wanted and unwanted. The first link I’d posted was removed, so I put up another one for new visitors. Then I wake up this morning to find WordPress had put me on probation basically because of complaints about a DMCA copyright infringement because of said post, and made me panic a little.

It’s ridiculous too, that a label would go through the webhost instead of directly with me to ask me to take it down. My e-mail isn’t that hard to find. Labels and bands should know that if there is a problem, bloggers aren’t peeved to remove the content. Maybe a little embarassed, but definitely not rebellious or nasty.

Anyway, it really made me think about the things that I will post in the future. It’s hard with so MANY blogs in the world getting the same updates from the same promoters, record labels, and bands that it’s hard to find anything that hasn’t already been said a lot. This has a lot of blogs I think looking for exclusives, including unreleased, unapproved material. I’ll be trying harder to post things that are record label or band-approved because, well, I don’t want to be shut-down.

Thing is, it wasn’t even that great of a remix. Especially for so much fuss.

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OH! im sorry about that! Your blog is great! 🙂
Didn’t like that remix either…

Comment by Joel

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