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Titus Andronicus / Free Energy
September 15, 2010, 12:29 pm
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Let’s just get one thing straight: there was a lot of hair on stage last night.

Free Energy kicked things off with an enthusiastic kick of energy (sorry) rolling through a bunch of songs off their debut Stuck on Nothing and even a new one called “C’mon Let’s Dance” (mp3 below). They were super fun and everyone had the biggest, fattest grins on their face by the time these Philly guys were done. Titus frontman Patrick Stickles joined them onstage for a great rendition of “Bang Pop.”

C’mon Let’s Dance

Titus Andronicus kept everyone entertained with stories of their history with Salt Lake, and setlist construction. Oh and also their awesome music. They ran through a bunch of stuff off of The Monitor with several songs of The Airing of Grievances thrown in. They were really impressive to watch hurdle through 14-minute songs like “The Battle of Hampton Roads.” Their tour is almost over but catch them if they come to your town.

Thanks to Sarah from Girlie Action for getting me into the show!

Sidenote: is anyone having trouble with Mediafire? I know they’ve been having troubles the past week or so but I just wanted to know if y’all were having difficulty downloading anything.

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