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Zonoscope: Album Review
February 7, 2011, 10:15 pm
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(I don’t normally do album reviews, but thought maybe I’d change things up around here this year. Maybe people will actually read them, or just scan through it in search of the MP3 download. Your choice!)

I was really excited to hear Cut Copy‘s new album, because each one seems like a new step forward while still clinging onto past sounds. Having been a fan since 2004’s Bright Like Neon Love, there’s been a general change that’s noticeable in each album. In Ghost Colours found them indulging in 70’s era Fleetwood Mac while still producing lots of dancefloor ready songs. Three singles from that album churned out tons of remixes, “Hearts on Fire” probably getting the most. There were a lot of interlude songs that were pretty and helped shift between songs creating a cohesive sound across the whole record.

On Zonoscope there are still the 70s-inspired guitars, beautiful choruses and helpful interludes, but these elements build a stronger sounding album than either album before. Where In Ghost Colours had several high song peaks, there were a lot of lower forgettable songs. Zonoscope starts out strong with the uplifting dependency anthem  “Need You Now” and keeps the motion going. There are a few low spots here too, which sound a lot like leftovers from In Ghost Colours (“Alisa” and “Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat”) while they create new sounds on the standout tracks “Pharoahs & Pyramids” and “Corner of the Sky.” Both lyrically explore mystic elements but more importantly, make you want to move.

♫ Take Me Over

Zonoscope is out today on Modular Records.

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