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Fall on Your Sword
August 23, 2011, 4:34 pm
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Here’s a great mix from DFA’s Fall on Your Sword featuring some of their own work, remixes, and film clips.

01. The Seduction of Flash, featuring Bob Kuehn
02. Let’s Dance. FOYS vs Dave Bowie
03. Born to Lick Your Face. FOYS vs Chevy Chase.
04. Q1.1. Basic Chanel.
05. Spastic. Plasticman vs Sir Michael Cain PT1.
06. Goodbye Horses. Q Lazarus.
07. Carousel. Koenig Cylinders.
08. Back to the Ladies. FOYS featuring Peter O’Toole.
09. Shatner of the Mount. FOYS
10. Helicopter. Plasticman vs Sir Michael Cain PT2
11. Smokebelch. Sabres of Paradise. (David Holmes Mix)
12. Acid House of Jealous Lovers. The Mummy
13. Theme from ‘Play’ vs Cowgirl featuring Underworld.
14. Knights of the Jaguar. Underground Resistance.
15. Little Fly. FOYS
16. Feet. The Sandals. (Night Slam Mix)
17. LV-426 Featuring Sir Peter Blake.
18. Dave’s Not Here. Rickman/Bates

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