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May 13, 2011, 3:33 pm
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♫ SebastiAn – C.T.F.O. (ft. M.I.A.)

From the upcoming album Total.

June 29, 2010, 11:47 am
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M.I.A. has been one of my favorite artists since the release of Arular, but to be honest, I was worried about her new album /\/\ /\ Y /\. The first songs we heard from it, or that were supposed to be from the album. I wasn’t too impressed. The gratuitously violent video for “Born Free” didn’t have me changing my opnion, so I wrote the album off as a flop. Then I heard the single “XXXO” which sounds sleek and sexy, but still confrontational  and wholly M.I.A.

For the single release, a few remixes were commissioned, from producer/collaborator Blaqstarr and SBTRKT. The one that had me most interested is Riton’s “re-rub.”  Riton takes the track to a house-ier level of club play, from the house piano stabs to the rearrangement of M.I.A.’s lyrics, it’s a great remix.

XXXO (Riton Re-Rub)

/\/\ /\ Y /\ is out July 13 on Interscope.