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July 26, 2011, 10:55 am
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Stereogum put together this awesome tribute to the Strokes’ album Is This It on the eve of the album’s 10th anniversary. Today is also my birthday so I’ll consider this one of my birthday presents! Download the whole thing here.

[audio|leftbg=fffc05|lefticon=333333]Real Estate – Barely Legal

Listening to this reminds me of all the times I played this CD in the car, forgetting that this song carried a loaded F bomb I’d skip over so my parents wouldn’t get mad. Really good memories haha.

Peter Bjorn & John – Is This It
Chelsea Wolfe – The Modern Age
Frankie Rose – Soma
Real Estate – Barely Legal
Wise Blood – Someday
Austra – Alone, Together
The Morning Benders – Last Night
Owen Pallett – Hard to Explain
Heems – New York City Cops
Deradoorian – Trying Your Luck
Computer Magic – Take it Or Leave It

Alex Chilton
June 16, 2010, 11:52 am
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When Alex Chilton died in March, his band Big Star was set to reunite and play at South by Southwest. Following his death, several bands showed tribute to his songwriting during the festival and online. The also recently-reunited Teenage Fanclub called on a few of the guys from Hot Chip to cover two Alex Chilton songs, “All of the Time” and “My Rival.” Watch their tribute below.

My Baby Cries
March 9, 2009, 12:00 am
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kathI’d never heard of the singer Kath Bloom before, but then I heard about this compilation of people covering her music. She’s been around since the 1970’s but now has some big names in folk covering her music. It’s beautiful, haunting music covered by some of the best artists in that type of genre today. The compilation features one disc of the covers, and then the other disc has all of the other originals. Haven’t heard a lot of these artists either, so more people to discover! Here’s a taster from the now-not-Smog Bill Callahan.

Bill Callahan – The Breeze/My Baby Cries

1. Come Here – Marble Sounds
2. The Breeze/My Baby Cries – Bill Callahan
3. When I See You – Laura Jean
4. Finally – Mark Kozelek
5. Window – Mick Turner (Dirty Three) & Peggy Frew
6. Forget About Him – Devendra Banhart
7. I Wanna Love – Scout Niblett
8. Biggest Light Of All – The Dodos
9. Look At Me – Josephine Foster
10. Ready Or Not – Mia Doi Todd
11. Fall Again – Corrina Repp
12. It’s So Hard To Come Home – Marianne Dissard & Joey Burns (Calexico)
13. In Your School – Amy Rude
14. If This Journey – Tom Hanford
15. There Was A Boy – Meg Baird (Espers)
16. Come Here – The Concretes

The CD is out April 7th on Chapter Music.

Pictures of You
March 1, 2009, 4:30 pm
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tapeographyHow do you like your Cure done? British, or American freak-folk? Recently, two tributes to The Cure have been making the rounds, with the band’s music being interpreted through pretty different eyes. NME put out a cd with one of their issues, Pictures of You, where as Manimal Vinyl released their two-disc tribute, Perfect as Cats. Which version do you like better? And why does Metronomy sound like Gravy Train!!!!?

The Futureheads – The Lovecats

Metronomy – Fascination Street

Rio en Medio – Pictures of You

We Are the World – Why Can’t I Be You