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February 8, 2012, 6:38 pm
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After careful consideration I’ve decided it’s time to call it a day and shut down this blog. It’s been nearly seven years since I started it, and there have been lots of highs and lows but lately the lows seemed to be winning over.

I started the blog the summer I graduated from high school as a hobby. Somewhere to showcase songs by artists I enjoyed and encountered in my time spent on the Internet. mp3 blogs soon oversaturated the Internet and I started getting requests from labels and promotion companies to send me e-mails and CDs by new artists. I even started getting offers to cover shows. What wasn’t to love?

In 2006 I went to Mexico leaving behind my blog under the care of my older sister. She did a great job while I was gone, though towards the end of my stay in Mexico her heart just didn’t seem to be into music. When I returned I tried to pick up traffic and there were more e-mails than ever. To the day I receive hundreds of e-mails, most of which I never open. It’s become more of a chore than a fun thing for me to do, and lately I just don’t have the time nor desire to put my heart into it.

So thank you for reading my blog over the years. It’s been fun!



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disconaivete brought me here…

I ended my blog months ago, so I can relate. You had a good run. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your way back to the blogosphere.


Comment by Treavor Wagoner (@treavioli)

as you know, I’m a big fan of your blog. sad to see you love, but you’ll have my love 4ever bb.

jarri /

Comment by Jarri

that first “love” should be “leave”, of course.

Comment by Jarri

I just discovered your blog a few months ago and looked by nearly every weekend. There are many songs and bands i would’nt now without this nice blog.
Good luck for what ever and thanks for one of the best music blogs in know.
Cheers from Cologne.

Comment by roum

Shame to see you go man, you’ll be missed! I remember listening to the podcasts you used to do a couple summers back and you tuned me in to a lot of really great music.

Thanks for sharing over the years and I wish you the best, brother.

Comment by dropkickragequit

Im a vegan from Portland and I left my sister in charge of making my dinner.

She cooked me Porked Beef.

Sadly, you can never trust a sibling.

At least we have learned something from all this hoo-hah.

A great bloggers voice died tonight.

Comment by Brad

Sad to see you go, I checked back here every couple of weeks and was always sure to find a song I’d love.

Also you introduced me to Tame Impala!

If you ever start blogging again down the line my one request would be for you to put more of yourself into your posts: why you chose a song, what you thought of it, or even just a description the song itself (genre, build-up, vocals etc).

Comment by nmtbuzzfox

at least i know there’s a lot of content i can look back on to find music i’ve missed! i hope you find something new to do that you love as much as you loved this blog.

Comment by Lindsey

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